Patricia Rois

Patricia Rois is a language trainer and translator/interpreter for Italian and Spanish and studied both languages at the Romance Studies Department in Vienna. During her studies, the Styrian perfected her language skills during numerous stays abroad, where she also got to know the Italian and Spanish culture in detail.

Patricia’s speciality are the job-specific courses for companies and certain industries, where business contacts to Italy and Spain are indispensable. But also small talk and everyday communication for holidays are very popular course contents, because in the future nothing can go wrong (at least linguistically) in the hotel, when ordering in the restaurant and on the way in the city.


Why did I become a trainer & translator?

I have always been fascinated by languages and even as a teenager I fell in love with Italy, the country and its culture. That’s why I decided to study Italian and then Spanish. I try to pass on this acquired language competence and the love for the country and its people in my courses. I am also fully in my element when translating, as every text to be translated is a challenge, as not only the language but also the culture and the text to be read between the lines have to be translated, thus creating a new text every time. I enjoy facing these very different challenges and love the variety in my profession. This is how I was able to turn my hobby into my profession!

What motivates me and drives me in my profession?

Above all, it is the sense of achievement of my participants that motivates me day after day. It is very nice to see that the various didactic tools I try to use each time are bearing fruit and that rapid progress in the language is possible.

What do I prefer to teach?

I prefer to teach conversation for holidays in Italy or Spain, because in these courses there is always a lot of holiday atmosphere and the lessons create it. Nevertheless, I also love every subject-specific course, because this way I get to know the most different subjects and also professional groups and help to break these somewhat complicated language barriers.

Why do I work with CL: CasaLinguae?

I work with CasaLinguae mainly because I am convinced by the wide range of language courses and the individuality of the courses. This fits in very well with my own approach and my idea of language teaching.

Why should you choose CasaLinguae?

Based on the above mentioned arguments, you should choose CasaLinguae because the design of the courses is open and is adapted exactly to the customer’s wishes.

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