Karl Schlagenhaufen

Originally from Vienna, Karl Schlagenhaufen studied commercial science and then lived in the Czech Republic and Ukraine for several years. In his previous position at the bank, he looked after international clients, mainly from France and Italy.

In 2016, the sideline job of interpreter for police interrogations became his main occupation, and he also worked in areas such as asylum interrogations and court hearings. The focus of his work as a translator is therefore clearly on economic and legal topics.


Why did I become a translator/interpreter?

Languages have always fascinated me, and a few years ago I made this hobby my profession.

What motivates me? What do I like best about my profession?

Finding the best wording, it should both give the full content and sound good.

What do I like to translate?

Texts in connection with business and/or legal matters.

Why do I work with CasaLinguae?

I have started to work with CasaLinguae only recently because I wanted to enlarge my experience.