Laszlo Csörgö

László Csörgö was born in Hungary. He studied German Studies (MA) in his home country, later he worked as a German teacher at a Hungarian grammar school for 12 years. At the same time he regularly interpreted and translated (German-Hungarian) and offered private lessons for pupils, young adults and students.

Between 2012 and 2019 he lived and worked in Vienna, where he first taught German integration courses. In April 2013 he started working as a German trainer (A1-B2) in adult education and as an ÖSD examiner. He gained his experience as ÖSD examiner (A1-C1 and ZB1) in Austria and at the VHS Bhaktapur in Nepal.

László is ÖIF certified and holds all ÖIF examiner licenses (A1-Fit for Austria, ÖIF Test New, DTÖ, and B2-ÖIF Test). He has lived and worked in Tyrol since October 2019.


Why did I become a language trainer?

I have always been interested in foreign languages. I became a trainer because I want to use my experience to help others to improve their language skills so that they have better chances in German-speaking countries if they want to live, study or work there.

What motivates me and drives me in my profession?

I like working with people from all over the world in a multicultural environment, because I am open to new cultures and languages.

What do I prefer to teach or translate?

I prefer to teach higher levels (B1-B2) in small groups because this level gives the clients/participants the opportunity to develop better in the classroom. But private lessons and ÖSD/ÖIF exam preparation are just as much fun for me.

Why do I work with CL: CasaLinguae?

I like working with CL: CasaLinguae because they offer a wide variety of courses and teaching methods in many languages, which allows for a high degree of flexibility for both clients/participants and teachers.

I hope to welcome you soon as your German trainer in one of the courses offered by CL: CasaLinguae or in private lessons.