Melissa Antunes de Menezes

Melissa Antunes de Menezes was born in Santa Maria, south of Brazil.

After graduating with a degree in Journalism and Communication Sciences (UFRGS, Brazil), Melissa worked in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo as a translator, professional reader and copy editor for publishing houses with originals translated from English and French.

Living in Vienna since 2010, Melissa earned a Master’s degree in Critical Studies in 2016 (Akbild, Vienna). Now she is a PhD candidate in Philosophy in the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna (Akbild).

Currently, she’s involved in different political projects while working as a translator and a Portuguese trainer for 9 years.

Why did I become a language trainer?

I have been working with different aspects of language for many years. First as a journalist, then as a writer, translator and copy editor. Becoming a language trainer came as a natural step for me during my graduate studies in Vienna.

What motivates me and drives me?

I am highly motivated by the dynamic exchange with the clients. Teaching is an activity that allows me to work with an incredible variety of people who have different personalities, backgrounds and stories to share.

What do I enjoy teaching the most?

My focus lies on improving your Portuguese language skills while at the same time expanding your knowledge of South American and Brazilian culture and contextualizing the language in the present Brazilian geopolitical position.

Why do I work with CasaLinguae?

For me it’s important to work in a modern, efficient environment with a team who is equally committed as I am to achieve the highest level of results with the clients.

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