Peter Bottka | Business Development Manager & Trainer

Peter Bottka was born in Bratislava and grew up bilingual (Slovak/Czech). After studying to become a teacher, he gained experience in the field of language courses over the years. Peter is a trainer for Slovakian, Czech and German as a foreign language (DaF). In addition, Peter takes care of your translations in exactly these languages.


Why did I become a trainer/translator?

I became a trainer because I am a sociable person, like to get to know new people and attach great importance to interpersonal communication. I enjoy and take great pleasure in teaching the German, Slovak or Czech language to learners in a simple communicative and interesting way with many tips and tricks.

What motivates me and drives me in my profession?

To accompany the learners in learning one of the foreign languages and to see how they develop and improve their language skills in the respective language learned.

What do I prefer to teach or translate?

I teach all levels (beginners to advanced) and areas such as everyday language (everyday communication) but also specialist areas such as business, tourism, intercultural training.

Why do I work with CL: CasaLinguae?

… because CL: CasaLinguae supports me through mutual recommendations of the individual language trainers and always offers new and interesting language courses. A very correct relationship between the institute and the individual trainers.

Why should you choose CasaLinguae?

… because CL: always adapts its language courses (individual or group training) to the needs of all learners In addition, CL: offers nice, friendly language trainers as native speakers or language experts who enjoy teaching languages.