Learn Italian in Vienna

Italy is close to us! Not only geographically, but also culinary we are strongly connected with Italy. Because Italy shapes our lifestyle with espresso, pizza, pasta & wine. For this reason it is also a popular tourist destination, attracting over 46 million tourists every year. Wouldn’t it be nice to chat with the waiter or the locals on the piazza during your next holiday in Italy and join in the bustle?

Why you should learn Italian

Italian plays an important role in the working world, because Italy and Austria have close trade relations and our neighbouring country is also linguistically closely connected to us through South Tyrol. In Italian South Tyrol, German is used in almost all areas of public life parallel to Italian: in the media, in schools, in administration and many other institutions.

Learning Italian is worthwhile!

How quickly can you learn Italian?

Learning a language is easy, and this is guaranteed for all German speakers, and above all for all those who are experienced in learning a Romance language. Even English helps in understanding unknown words.

How fast you learn Italian depends of course on the individual. Nevertheless, it has been proven that an attendance course or a virtual course leads to success more quickly.

Learn Italian with CasaLinguae

Choose the right Italian course for you. Would you like to remain flexible and take a course from home or on the road? Then the virtual course is best suited to you. Or would you prefer to exchange ideas in a group? Then we offer you an Italian group course. For an even more intensive contact with the language, we have the Italian one-to-one lessons for business & everyday life. Here, the trainer adapts to your learning style and your language level, so quick language success is guaranteed!

You would like to improve your Italian communication at work & presentation techniques? Then a Language Workshop – Communication & Presentations is the appropriate option.

Are you looking for a suitable Italian course in Vienna, which adapts to your level of knowledge and brings out the best in you?

We offer tailor-made Italian courses in Vienna and all over Austria, where you can learn or improve your Italian with the help of qualified language trainers. Mastering the Italian language will open many doors for you!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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