Milada Bobkova

Milada Bobkova comes from the Czech Republic and studied Czech, German and law there. In addition, she completed numerous scholarships at the University of Vienna at the Department of German and Slavic Studies as a Master and later PhD student.

She is currently a language trainer, translator and interpreter for Czech and German and teaches block courses at the University of Vienna at the Institute of Slavic Studies. She is also a court interpreter in the Czech Republic.
She is passionate about legal terminology and Czech-German phraseology.


Why did I become a trainer/translator?

I know this answer is not original, but it is true:
I’ve simply enjoyed it for 17 years and I hope I will continue to enjoy it.

What motivates me and drives me in my profession?

The fact that you have to keep on learning in this profession and always stay on the ball. Thanks to my Czech student I have to observe the political situation in the Czech Republic and in the world. Furthermore, we always read articles from a wide range of topics and this allows me to learn a lot of new things that I would never have come to otherwise. Of course I like it when I see the progress my students are making. I am also glad that we can combine the pleasant with the useful, the students learn something new and it is a pleasant and useful time for both of us.

What do I prefer to teach or translate?

For me it is very interesting to teach Czech, because I like to observe how non-native speakers understand my mother tongue and which grammar can be a potential source of offence, which grammar can cause the most problems. But I also like to teach German as a foreign language, because I use completely different methods and have to “adjust” the brain in a completely different way. I prefer to translate legal texts, because jus is my second subject and I can combine both subjects. I would like to translate different language games, e.g. advertising slogans, because my main focus in German studies is phraseology. Unfortunately I haven’t got this opportunity yet, but that can come when you don’t expect it.

Why do I work with CL: CasaLinguae?

I think this foreign language school wants to develop, always want to improve and change something. It does not want to rest on its laurels, which I like very much.

Why should you choose CasaLinguae?

I found this foreign language school very nice and above all very relaxed, I saw that there are oral agreements, which I appreciate very much.

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