Anna Dutzi | Course & Projekt Management

Anna Dutzi has been working working remotely at CL: CasaLinguae as a course- and project manager since March 2021. 

She is originally from Austria and, after several experiences abroad in countries like Brazil, Australia or Scandinavia, has now settled in Portugal. 

After her Bachelor’s degree in “Transcultural Communication” with the working languages German, English and Portuguese in Vienna, she completed her Master’s degree in “Culture and Communication” at the University of Lisbon. 

Her passion for travelling, as well as her interest in new cultures and languages have led her to always work in transcultural settings.

Why do I work for CL: CasaLinguae?

CL: CasaLinguae is a company that puts people first. Whether client, employee or partner – with the help of an innovative work culture, the aim is always to achieve the best possible result for everyone. 

Moreover, working at CL: CasaLinguae combines my interests in culture, communication and language. 

I am happy that I can work in so many different areas and gain valuable new experiences in my daily work. In case I have any doubts or questions, there is always someone ready to help and find a solution. 

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