Sarah Selmi

Sarah Selmi was born in Vienna with Egyptian roots. She grew up bilingual with German and Arabic, attended a school with a foreign language focus and later studied German and Spanish to become a teacher at the University of Vienna. As a DaF/DaZ teacher she has already worked in Austria and abroad, where she was able to expand and consolidate her English and Spanish skills at the same time.

Sarah has been working with children and young people for many years, which has given her many ideas and (playful) methods to make learning the language easier and, above all, more varied.


Why did I become a language trainer?

Accompanying learners as they learn a language and monitoring their progress is always a new experience, as each learner acquires a language in his/her own way. Supporting them in this process is a great personal contribution for which they are all very grateful in the end.

What motivates me and drives me in my profession?

Languages are so diverse and shape and form the thinking and acting of each individual. I have been interested in languages since I was a child, because I noticed that not everyone functions in the same way. Although at the beginning it often seems as if one does not understand the system of a certain new language, it is usually much easier than one thinks. You only have to overcome the first, small obstacles, which I would like to help you with.

What do I prefer to teach?

I like to teach at a beginner’s level, as this is where learners need the most support. If they have a good command of the basics, the rest is much easier for them.

Why should you choose CasaLinguae?

CasaLinguae consists of a professional and diverse team that can cater to all your needs. No matter what language or level you are looking for, there is something for everyone at CasaLinguae.

Why do I work with CL: Casalinguae?

Martina is a very likeable and understanding owner who ensures a relaxed team atmosphere.