Matthew Leroy

Matthew Leroy was born in Sydney, Australia and in 2006 moved to Europe where he lives with his family in Vienna. After learning German, he completed an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and then studied Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at Vienna University. Now Matthew teaches as an external lecturer.

After a career in management in Australia, Matthew decided to switch to English teaching and translation in Europe. Matthew has been teaching since 2006 and has experience at the Austrian Federal Parliament, Austrian Standards International as well as Raiffeisen Privat Bank.


Why did I become a language trainer & translator?

One of the reasons why I came to Austria was to help people. At the end of each day I wanted to feel I had accomplished something and teaching English seemed a natural fit for me. My love of the English language and my desire to support people in a variety of professions made English language training an easy choice.

What motivates me? What do I like best about my profession?

Helping people succeed and follow their dreams brings me the most satisfaction of all. The ability to connect with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and see them develop talents they never knew they had, particularly in English, is simply fantastic.

What do I like to teach or translate?

I love hearing students talk about their passions with confidence in English. Getting them to this level of language ability is a goal I always strive for. In translation I enjoy working on a project and being able to see the results.

Why do I work with CasaLinguae?

I met Martina and knew pretty much right away that she was my type of person – straight forward, open and warm. I’m excited to work with CasaLinguae.

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