Viktorija S.

Viktorija grew up in a trilingual family. Since she lived in different countries in her childhood, she has developed a great interest in foreign cultures and languages. Therefore, she has earned her master’s degree in English-Japanese Philology.

Viktorija is an experienced, friendly, enthusiastic, and energetic teacher who has been teaching languages in Austria and abroad. She likes to keep herself updated on the newest teaching techniques and focuses on topics that people can use in their everyday life. During her lessons, she creates a friendly and positive atmosphere where people feel motivated to learn.


Why am I a teacher?

As a polyglot who speaks 5 languages fluently, I take great interest in motivating people to communicate in foreign languages. I find it satisfying to help our clients improve their communication skills and see their steady progress.

What motivates me?

I want to make our clients feel more confident when they speak. It is very satisfying to see that what I do helps our clients at work, during their journey to a foreign country, or even in personal life. It boosts people’s confidence when they can express themselves, and it may even streamline their work routine. It motivates me to know that I support our clients to reach these goals.

What do I enjoy teaching?

I am not interested in fancy terminology but rather in how to explain languages in a simple way that is easy to apply in realistic everyday situations and in a style that matches our clients’ personalities. No lengthy monologues. I make our lessons lively, interactive, and with the focus on direct communication.

Why should you choose CasaLinguae?

CasaLinguae is an innovative platform that applies the newest teaching tools. It employs highly skilled staff and helps them in further development. CasaLinguae is customer-oriented and it provides its clients with original and engaging cultural events as well as exciting online articles.

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