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CasaLinguae offers a wide range of open English courses for entrepreneurs and business people in Vienna and its surroundings. In this section you will find level courses (A1 to C2) as well as Cambridge preparation courses and business English courses, in groups or for individual tuition.

If you cannot find your desired course or need further information, please contact us. We will gladly send you an individual offer.

Why you should learn English

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Nowadays there is no way around the English language, it is the leading language of commerce and is needed in almost all areas, especially in today’s working world. Bilingualism is an important aspect of the job market.

Meanwhile the command of the English language is a condition or selection criterion for many jobs, which is why it makes sense to take an English course.

Learning English – British or American?

CasaLinguae offers you the choice between British English and American English. We have qualified language trainers for British English, as well as for American English. The choice is yours!

How to learn English?

There are now many apps, podcasts, books and YouTube channels through which you can learn English. However, it has been proven that a classroom or virtual course is the fastest way to make progress when you want to learn a language.

Through interaction with the language trainer and regular exchanges, motivation increases and mistakes can be identified and corrected more quickly. By speaking within the course, newly learned vocabulary can be applied and grammar can be internalized.

Apps, podcasts, English songs, books, films, magazines, etc. can also be used in order to deal with the English language in everyday life and leisure. In this way you make even faster progress in the English language.

Learn English with CasaLinguae

Are you looking for a suitable English course in Vienna that matches your level of knowledge and gets the most out of you?

We offer tailor-made English courses in Vienna and throughout Austria, where you can learn or improve your English with the help of qualified language trainers. In this way you can communicate all over the world and mastering the English language will open many doors for you!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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English courses individual & group
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