Private Course English for work & everyday life

€ 650,- to € 1.160,- (private lessons) per person depending on the number of units
(1 unit = 50 minutes)

Learn English in private lessons in Vienna

Individual & flexible English – one-to-one lessons, tailored to your exact needs and learning pace. Become more confident with the English language and go into conversations and negotiations knowing that the language is no longer a barrier.
Choose the number of hours you want and your level – the rest is up to you and the English trainer.

If you are not sure which level is right for you, find out beforehand and take our placement test. 


English private lessons in Vienna & Online

In general, in the classes (private lessons):

  • gain, refresh, expand and improve your English language skills based on your language level and furthermore
  • gain more confidence in using the language in professional life & learn technical vocabulary and
  • to master communication in the English language in professional life as well as in everyday situations, so that your next communication with English-speaking partners will be a success for you.

English private lessons with
focus on everyday life

Your daily routine
Your education
Your next vacation – Vocabulary for the trip
Small talk – hobbies
Communication in a restaurant
Placing orders
Making appointments with friends/doctors
Writing / speaking invitations for parties

Further topics: see the information under the section “European frame of reference”


Learn English with a focus on the profession

Presentation technique: your next presentations
Meetings/Meetings: your next meeting
Communication: small talk among colleagues
Phone calls/emails/written correspondence: oral & written communication

With the help of individual lessons you will be able to:

  • prepare and give presentations in the language
  • participate in meetings/workshops in English
  • present facts & figures
  • use technical vocabulary
  • write business letters
  • fill in forms
  • express wishes, demands and expectations

Among other things, you will be:

  • more proficient in the English language and will be able to
  • follow conversations in English more easily and chat with colleagues in the office in English
  • make telephone calls more confidently in the language
  • and write more complex emails in English

Does your work life in a foreign language present you with new challenges? We would be happy to help you feel more comfortable and confident!

There are many reasons to choose private lessons.

Suitable for everyone

The English language course is suitable for everyone. If it is particularly important to you to book a language course that is individually adapted to your goals, then you have come to the right place.


Together with you we will set the goals in advance and decide which textbooks are suitable for the individual English lessons.

Flexible timing

The individual lessons are completely flexible in terms of time. You can arrange the lessons with the trainer directly, no matter how long, when and especially where.

Small group

If there are two or three of you coming to the English course, please contact us about the offer.

Inhouse language courses for companies

If you are looking for an in-house language course for your employees, managers or apprentices, please follow this link

No prerequisites

For a voluntary placement test, follow this link:

Placement Test (Written and/or Oral)

The trainers are native English speakers who not only know the language, but can tell you about the customs and traditions of the country.

This ensures that you not only gain your desired language skills but also learn more about the culture and the people you will come into contact with on your vacation or at work.

Partial payment: 
Arrange to pay in installments each month.
Contact us for more information by email at or by phone at +43 660 457 46 73.

see INFO on our website

English course in Vienna – your language level according to CEFR

Level A1 – without previous knowledge 

This English course is suitable for beginners. No previous knowledge of the language is required. In addition, you will end up understanding and using simple phrases aimed at satisfying concrete needs.

Topic selection: First contact, housing, everyday life, orientation in the city, at the doctor’s office, eating and drinking

Level A2 – with little previous knowledge

At the end of the course, learners have a repertoire of elementary linguistic means to cope with everyday situations with predictable content. They can talk about familiar and everyday things in English, expressing their own opinions.

Topic selection: Appearance, personality, school, job, family, nature, travel, celebrations.

Level B1 – with basic knowledge of the language

At the end of the course, participants will be able to express themselves in everyday situations in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way in order to express their own opinion, to be able to give a short presentation and also to understand and make comments. In discussions you will be able to discuss current topics.

Topic selection: Emigration, professional world, politics and society, culture, sports, media.

Level B2 – with solid knowledge of the English language

At the end of the English course you will be able to communicate spontaneously and fluently and to express yourself clearly and differentiatedly on a wide range of topics. In addition, you will be able to participate in discussions, weighing arguments against each other.

Topic selection: Application, communication, consumption, lifestyles, future, feelings, science.

Level C1 – with good knowledge

The goal is to be able to express oneself clearly, structured and in detail on complex topics. Participants will be able to use English flexibly in social and professional life.

Topic selection: News, society, literature, research, networks, globalization, finance.

Level C2 

This English course is suitable for students who already communicate with routine. At this level, you can easily understand practically everything you read and hear.

In addition, you can summarize information from various written and oral sources. Reasons and explanations are given in a coherent presentation.

Students can express themselves spontaneously, with great fluency and accuracy, and can make clear finer nuances of meaning in more complex subject matter.

Topic selection: Technical, political, official, etc.

In this course you will deepen already acquired knowledge and get the “finishing touch”.

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