Learn Business German in Vienna

Why learn German?

A big advantage of the German language is that it is not only spoken in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but also often in other countries such as Liechtenstein, Belgium, Denmark and in parts of Italy.
German belongs to the Germanic language group and therefore learning German helps you to learn other languages such as English, Dutch, Swedish and Danish. About 130 million people worldwide have German as their mother or second language.

Basic knowledge of the German language

It is well known that the German language is not an easy language. That’s why you can be all the more pleased about your small progress and integrate what you have learned into your everyday life in Vienna. Whether shopping, at work, in a restaurant or in your free time: practice makes perfect!

Business German courses Vienna

Would you like a combination of modern cities and original mountain worlds? Then Austria is the right place for you and you can test your language skills on your next hiking or sightseeing tour. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is the perfect place to improve your German language skills and offers a wide range of cultural activities, such as theatres, museums, cinemas, restaurants and numerous events where you can put your German language skills to direct use.

First of all, it makes sense to find out which course suits you best. We offer German group courses, individual German courses for business & everyday life, ÖIF German courses, ÖSD preparation courses (individually or in a group), virtual German courses, but also language workshops – communication & presentations.

What can help you learn German

With the right course, you will become more confident in using the German language and will enter into conversations and negotiations with confidence, knowing that the language is no longer a barrier.
To help you find the right German course, we recommend our monthly “Conversation meet-up”, where you can take part free of charge and which is designed to enable you to talk and exchange ideas with other German learners in German. A trainer always leads the meeting and gives you topics to talk about. In this way you will overcome the language barrier even faster and use your German language skills and can network with other German learners.

Learn Business German with CasaLinguae

Are you looking for a suitable German course in Vienna that matches your level of knowledge and brings out the best in you?
We offer tailor-made German courses in Vienna and all over Austria, where you can learn or improve your English with the help of qualified language trainers. In this way you can communicate all over the world and mastering the German language will open many doors for you!

We are looking forward to meeting you!
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German Courses ÖSD ÖIF Business German
German Courses ÖSD ÖIF Business German
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German Course Private Lessons
German Courses ÖSD ÖIF Business German