Learn Turkish in Vienna

Whether cosmopolitan Istanbul or beaches in Antalya. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to the waiter/waitress or the locals during your next Turkey holiday?

How quickly can the Turkish language be learned?

The question of whether Turkish is a language that can be learned quickly and is therefore easy to learn cannot be answered in a generalized way, because it is not an Indo-European but a Turkic language. Thus, at first glance it is very dissimilar to German. But at a second glance you can see that the logic of the language is quickly recognizable and Turkish follows a certain regularity. Once you have mastered the rules, basic knowledge of the language can be learned quite quickly.

Here are three tips that will help you:

  1. One sound = One letter

Each letter corresponds to exactly one sound – each sound corresponds to exactly one letter. This makes learning to read and write easier.

  1. No articles and no genders

This is really a big advantage when learning vocabulary.

  1. Twisted sentence order

It may sound complicated at first, but it makes learning the language easier. Unlike in German, sentences are not formed in the order subject-verb-object, but the verb is at the end of the sentence, i.e. subject-object-verb. To understand a sentence quickly, the verb at the end of the sentence can be translated first and then the sentence can be broken down further. This saves time and the meaning of the sentence can be better understood.

Nevertheless, it has been proven that an attendance course or a virtual course leads more quickly to success. Here, professional trainers are at your disposal and you have the possibility to learn individually or with a group and reach your goal even faster.

Learn Turkish with CasaLinguae

Learn Turkish in Vienna with private lessons: With CasaLinguae you can choose from a variety of options and find the most suitable Turkish course for you. You want to stay flexible and take a course from home or on the road? Then the virtual course is best suited for you.

For an even more intensive contact with the language we have the Turkish One-to-One lessons for business & everyday life. Our trainer adapt to your learning style and language level – success is guaranteed!

Are you already familiar with our workshops?

Our individually tailored language workshops are especially interesting for companies. Here, the main focus is on communication at the workplace and presentation technique.

Learn from the best of the best.

We offer tailor-made Turkish courses in Vienna and throughout Austria, where you can learn or improve the language with the help of qualified language trainers.

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