Learn Slovenian in Vienna

Why learn Slovenian?

Slovenian is a Slavic language and has a number of similarities with the other languages of the region. There are similarities to Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Serbo-Croatian, which means that you will learn these languages faster once you have learned Slovene. How fast you learn Slovenian naturally depends on the individual. Nevertheless, it has been proven that an attendance course or a virtual course leads to success more quickly.

Cuisine in Slovenia

Besides the language there is of course much more to discover! Slovenians are very proud of their traditional cuisine, and the more culinary delights you get to know, the more you will learn to love the dishes. Soon, for example, you will be able to order these two delicacies in Slovenian:

Bujta repa: This is the name of the traditional Slovenian beet stew with pork, which is a national speciality.

Prekmurska Gibanica: This is the name of the Slovenian layer cake with four different fillings, including apples, nuts, raisins and ricotta.

Discover the landscape

Beaches, waterfalls, mountains, caves – whether a short daytrip or a long holiday, Slovenia is worth every trip. And with the help of your language skills, you can now communicate easily and ask for directions, talk to locals or order your favorite dish.

Learn Slovenian with CasaLinguae

Learn Slovenian in Vienna with private lessons: With CasaLinguae you can choose from a variety of options and find the right Slovenian course for you. You want to stay flexible and take a course from home or on the road? Then the virtual course is best suited for you.

For an even more intensive contact with the language we have the Slovenian One-to-One lessons for business & everyday life. Our trainer adapt to your learning style and language level – success is guaranteed!

Level – Your language level

At all our Slovenian courses in Vienna, you have the opportunity to study Slovenian at all levels of further education. Therefore, you have the choice of six different levels of Slovenian A1 Level, A2 Level, B1 Level, B2 Level, C1 Level and C2 Level.

These levels correspond to the European reference framework. Within this framework, all levels are grouped under the criteria of listening, reading and speaking.

Here, the letter A stands for basic language use and C stands for proficient language use.

Learn from the best of the best.

We offer tailor-made Slovenian language courses in Vienna and throughout Austria, where you can learn or improve your language with the help of qualified language trainers.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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