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Polish is one of the most important neighbouring languages for German. About 38 million Poles speak Polish as their mother tongue. Among the 24 official languages of the European Union, Polish, with 9% of native speakers, ranks fifth together with Spanish after German, English, French and Italian. Outside Poland, Polish is also a minority language in Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Belarus.

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Why learn Polish?

Polish is a Slavic language, but like the Romance and Germanic languages it belongs to the Indo-European language family (Hungarian and Finnish are not included). As a West Slavic language, Polish is related to Slovakian, Czech and the Sorbian languages, among others. With knowledge of Polish, very good communication is possible with Slovaks (5 million) and Ukrainian speakers (32 million), since their language has long been influenced by Polish through linguistic contacts.

How best to learn Polish?

There are now many apps, podcasts, books and YouTube channels through which you can learn a language. However, it has been proven that a classroom or virtual course is the quickest way to make progress if you want to learn a language. Through interaction with the language trainer and regular exchanges, motivation increases and mistakes can be identified and corrected more quickly. By speaking within the course, newly learned vocabulary can be applied and grammar can be internalized. Apps, podcasts, songs, books, films, magazines, etc. can also be used to deal with the Polish language in everyday life and leisure. In this way you will make even faster progress in the Polish language.

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