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Like Croatian and Serbian, Bosnian belongs to the Slavic languages. Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian or BKS for short is the international term for the former language Serbo-Croatian. Due to the disintegration of Yugoslavia after 1991, the languages are named separately today. The three languages are very similar and the transition from one to the other is fluent.

So if you learn Bosnian, the jump to Croatian and Serbian is not far off!

How to learn Bosnian?

There are now many apps, podcasts, books and YouTube channels through which you can learn a language. However, it has been proven that an attendance course or a virtual course is the quickest way to make progress if you want to learn a language. Through interaction with the language trainer and regular exchanges, motivation increases and mistakes can be identified and corrected more quickly. By speaking within the course, newly learned vocabulary can be applied and grammar can be internalized. Apps, podcasts, songs, books, films, magazines etc. can be used additionally to deal with the Bosnian language in everyday life and leisure time. Or you can make a side trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Vienna! This way you will make even faster progress in the Bosnian language.

Differences Bosnian, Koratisch and Serbian

The major and characteristic features of grammar are the same in all three individual languages. Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian are Slavic languages. As such, they are characterized by a strong inflection of word types, a greater number of cases and the category of the aspect in the verb system – to name but a few features of Slavic languages.

Nevertheless, there are regional and historical differences that separate the languages from each other.

The main difference is the two ways of pronouncing the sound “jat”. In one group of languages this sound is pronounced as [ije] (and thus belongs to the ijekavian group), in the other as [e] (and thus belongs to the ekavian group).

A short overview with examples:

The differences between the Ijekavian and the Ekavian version
in the Ijekavian version one writes and speaks: in the Ekavian version one writes and speaks:
cvijet (engl. flower) cvet (engl. flower)
lijepa (engl. beauty) lepa (dt. beauty)
mlijeko (engl. milk) mleko (engl. milk)
poslijepodne (engl. afternoon) poslepodne (engl. afternoon)
svijetlo (engl. light) svetlo (engl. light)
vrijeme (engl. time, weather) vreme (engl. time, weather)

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