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Learning a language opens a door into another world.

When you are on holiday or on a business trip, you are bound to notice that your opposite number is visibly surprised but very pleased if you can speak the native language of the person you are talking to (even if only a little).

If you also know a little about the culture, then the conversation is so much more pleasant.

The team at CL: will help you to feel confident linguistically and to learn about a country’s culture, which can be incredibly diverse, so that you don’t put your foot in it or get laughed at when you are there.

Ein Bild, das Zeichnung, Uhr enthält. Automatisch generierte Beschreibung We convey the joy of language and other cultures


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CultureTalks | Interview – About Brazil and its culture

The unique culture of Brazil and the firm set of values – an interview with a Brazilian – Melissa Antunes de Menezes. Get familiar with Brazilian culture and enhance your cultural knowledge of Brazil. Although major intercultural differences and variations are evident in northern and southern Brazil due to its huge size which is as large as Europe but the language …

CultureTalks | Interview – About Canada and its culture

Living a nomadic life! 

Marie Dancer is French, and she has been traveling for 8 years. She really wanted to experience living abroad as she thought it was nice to step out of her comfort zone.
She works for women who want to pursue their career with greater clarity and authenticity in organizations to build more trust.

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