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Portuguese is not only spoken in Portugal, but also in Brazil, which is why it is often colloquially called Brazilian. But what are the differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese? And what should you know if you want to learn Portuguese?

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How to learn Portuguese?

There are now many apps, podcasts, books and YouTube channels through which you can learn a language. However, it has been proven that a classroom or virtual course is the quickest way to make progress when learning a language. Through interaction with the language trainer and regular exchanges, motivation increases and mistakes can be identified and corrected more quickly. By speaking within the course, newly learned vocabulary can be applied and grammar can be internalized. Apps, podcasts, songs, books, films, magazines, etc. can also be used to learn Portuguese in everyday life and leisure. In this way you will make even faster progress in the Portuguese language.

Differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese

If you pay attention to pronunciation, Brazilian Portuguese, with its open vowels, seems to sound more pleasant and softer to many, while European Portuguese sounds a bit mumbled. With Brazilian you hear the melodic emphasis and it seems more understandable at first. The softened vowels in European Portuguese can therefore be more challenging in the beginning.

Some words in European Portuguese are also different from Brazilian Portuguese.

A short overview with examples:


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