ÖSD preparation courses

Based on your language level, the ÖSD preparation course prepares you for the ÖSD exam. You can choose between individual tuition or a group course. The individual lessons are usually more flexible, depending on availability.

Information on ÖSD exam dates can be found here

The contents depend on the level of language:

A1: This course is suitable for beginners, as you have no previous knowledge
of the German language is required.

A2: With little previous knowledge you are just right at this level.

B1: If you have basic knowledge of the German language,
then you can register for this course.

B2: With a solid knowledge of the German language, you can join the B2 course.

C1: If you already know how to use the German language very well, then you can register for the C1 course.

C2: At this level the participant can already understand everything he/she reads or hears effortlessly and communicate in a routine way. If you find yourself here, then this is the course for you!

We look forward to meeting you soon at an ÖSD preparation course!


CasaLinguae offers open ÖSD preparation courses for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Vienna and the surrounding area.