Mariella Beier | Marketing & PR

Mariella Beier was born in Baden-Württemberg in Germany and then grew up in Dresden (Saxony).

During her school years she had the opportunity to live in the USA for one year, where she got to know the culture & improved her English language skills.

After graduating from high school, she moved to Göttingen, where she completed her Bachelor of Business Administration. For her Master’s degree, she then chose the beautiful city of Vienna. Mariella is studying International Business Administration with a focus on Marketing. In addition, her studies include a European focus, which means that she also learns Italian (at B2 level) and deals with political & historical aspects of Europe.

Since February 2018 she has been responsible for online marketing and PR at CasaLinguae. She takes care of the blog, social media, website, newsletter, and numerous other projects.

Why do I work with CL: CasaLinguae?

CasaLinguae offers me the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice and to expand my marketing experience. Since we are a small team, there are always new and varied tasks that are approached with a hands-on mentality. In this trustful ambience with a great working atmosphere it is easy for me to develop myself and master new tasks.

Since I am a language enthusiast and above all have a great interest in other cultures, I like the international environment in which I can learn a lot of new things and this perfectly complements my international studies.