Katie Reschenhofer

Barbara Katharina Reschenhofer was born in Vienna and grew up bilingually in Austria and the Sultanate of Oman. She currently lives and works in Austria, where she is also pursuing her doctoral studies in English at the University of Vienna. In addition to her academic career and several years of teaching experience, she has distinguished herself with various additional training courses, such as the CELTA. Katie Reschenhofer’s favourite subjects are Business English and English for Specific Purposes. Her research interests include topics ranging from ecocriticism to refugee literature.


Why did I become a language trainer?

I chose the profession “trainer” because I enjoy teaching in adult education immensely. In all aspects of the job, I give 1000% with great conviction. Whether it is the individual preparation of the teaching materials or the exchange with the clients during the lessons, the profession “trainer” always remains exciting.

What motivates me and drives me in my profession?

I am mainly motivated by the many experiences of success that you get in your job every day. Newly acquired vocabulary, an improvement in pronunciation, or a strengthened self-confidence – I like to see progress in the linguistic and personal development of my clients. What I like best about being a trainer is the design and delivery of dynamic lessons to ensure that clients not only learn new things but also enjoy learning.

What do I like to teach most?

I love teaching Business English and English for Specific Purposes, but I also enjoy General English very much. The important thing about teaching, no matter where the focus is, is that I go through real-life scenarios with my clients and use the majority of the lessons for Fluency Practice.

Why do I work with CL: CasaLinguae?

I work with CasaLinguae because they are very responsive to trainers and clients. CL finds the right trainer for every course request – this is how the high-quality, well-organised and perfectly coordinated courses (including Business English courses) for which CasaLinguae is renowned are created.

Why should you choose CL: CasaLinguae?

I chose CasaLinguae because they offer a wide range of courses in many parts of Austria. Diversity is also offered in the CasaLinguae course line-up – from group courses to one-on-one Skype training, everything is offered. Above all, the CL management convinced me with a high degree of professionalism and a big portion of cordiality.

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