Alexandra Elisabeth Abaza

Alexandra Abaza is half Canadian/ half Austrian. After finishing her Baccalaureate in Mass Communication she worked for many years as a journalist in Dubai, London and Cairo. When she got married in 2007 she returned to Austria and has since worked as a language and soft skills trainer for various organizations such as Siemens, OMV, Novomatic, Bank Austria, etc, specialising in intercultural management and Business English, training both expats and Austrians alike. She has also been an English lecturer at the FH BFI Wien and FH Wien for several years.

She is the mother of an 11-year-old son, likes to play Tennis and enjoys the vibrant cultural scene of Vienna.


Why did I become a trainer/translator?

I have always enjoyed working in communication, and language training is a great way not only to teach English but to translate global behaviour. Since 80% of the communication is non-verbal, it is the very way we act and perform that makes all the difference in today’s super connected business environment.

What motivates me? What do I like best about my profession?

I love working with people, and in my job I get to work with very different professionals from all industries, which gives me a detailed insight into various company structures. Every course is different, as much as every client is different. I very much enjoy helping my clients to achieve their personal and professional goals. An appropriate diverse and efficient set of skills – trainer, coach and linguist – enables me to do that. When my clients are happy, I’m happy.

What do I like/love to teach or translate?

Soft skills – the majority is not purely verbal – and intercultural communications are my speciality. Growing up with a bicultural background already equipped me with a profound knowledge of this topic; having lived in different regions of the world has further impacted my career.

Due to the ever increasing digitalisation skilled and efficient communication will become even more important in the future. Time is getting more and more precious, and only those who can be convincing and straight to the point in a fast, competent way will be able to attract and keep sustainable business relations.

Why do I work with CasaLinguae?

I like the young, dynamic environment at CasaLinguae and had an instant connection with Martina, who I very much enjoy working for.